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Suburbian Family Villa

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Modern Couple Villa

I was inspired by the style of my last build to make a similar house but much, much cheaper this time. I had the basic lay-out of the house already figured out so creating the “shell” for the house went very fast. I’m very pleased with how it all came out and wouldn’t mind living there in the real life 🙂 The loft area is my favourite, I love the view over the kitchen and the huge windows letting in loads of light (notice the curtains though, for those days you just wanna stay inside in the dark).

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a small office with a fireplace, big kitchen, a loft with tv area and chill out area. It’s very slick and modern with a scandinavian touch, lots of modern tree-interior and many big windows. Simoleons needed: 60 000+.

Download the lot here, and don’t forget to recommend it. Thanks!

More pictures after the jump!

Screenshot-48View of the frontside at night, looks kinda cozy eh? 🙂

Backside at dayView of the backside at day.

Backside at nightIt looks so much better at night with all the lights. I really love this shot.

KitchenA light and modern kitchen with all the necessities of living the good life 🙂

Kitchen dining areaThe dining area with no table for once. I liked the use of a bar better in this case. The door leds out to the BBQ area.

Working areaWorking area with a nice fireplace to keep you warm when you have to work late at night.

BedroomThe bedroom, nothing special really. I like the blue wall with the lamps on though.

BathroomBathroom, accessed only through the bedroom. No shower, just a bathtub. The orange chair is a nice colorful touch. I love how the disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt-cheat lets you place things exactly like you want them to (the chair and carpet in this case).

Loft tv area at dayTV area at the loft. Looks really cozy 🙂 I used the disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt-cheat to place the armchairs and the TV.

Loft tv area at nightTV area at night. I took this picture just to show you the effect with a light source behind the TV, it makes for a nice soft feeling.

Loft chill out areaThe chill out area at the loft.

View from loftView over the kitchen from the loft. I really like the effect of a loft, makes the house feel much bigger.

Overview first floorOverview of the first floor.

Ovreview second floorOverview of the second floor.

There you go. If you haven’t already downloaded this house, do so here. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


7 Responses to "Suburbian Family Villa"


Both houses you have up are really excellent! You definitely have a great sense of style! I especially love the kitchen in this one. Although I am slightly confused about this smaller build. Since you named it “Suburbian Family Villa,” I figured it would have more than 1 bedroom? Hard to fit an entire family with just 1 bedroom! Other than that, I really love the colors you chose for the interior and love the clean look of the exterior. 🙂

Hi Anju,

First of all, thanks a lot. I’m glad you like my work.

About the name, it may sound confusing but I think you can be a family of just two. But yeah, I get your point. Maby I should rename it to just “Suburbian Villa” 🙂

Anyways, keep an eye out for my next house, I’m doing the blueprints right now. And thanks again for the comment 🙂

Hey! Great work, I really enjoy this house. I’m always fighting with myself when I design two floors… I tend frequently to be unsatisfied with the stairs positioning and also with a blocked 2nd floor. You, on the other hand, did a great job. I’m certainly getting the benefit of it in my own gameplay. Thanks.

Hey, I really enjoy this house. It’s very sleek, very modern, and very gorgeous. I was just wondering if you could give me a quick overview on how to correctly build a loft in my house. I’ve been trying for two weeks now and I just can’t seem to pull it off properly. A short tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

Hi mate,

Sure, I’ll make a tutorial for you. It will be up on the site in just a few days or so 🙂

Kind regards,
The Sims’ Architect

I think I like this house even better than the big one! It’s so beautiful! =D

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