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Enormous Luxury Villa

Posted on: July 18, 2009

Enormous Luxury Villa

This is my first, and most expensive, creation and contribution to The Sims 3-community. It’s a very big and luxurious villa with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool area, BBQ area, home cinema, garage and a huge garden. Since it’s very expensive (about 250-300 000 simoleons) it’s perfect for sims that have reached the highest level at work. Or for just for someone with lots of cash.

I’m a sucker for symetry and clean interiors, which is why there’s a lot of that in this house 🙂

Download lot »

More pictures after the jump.

View over the house and garageView over the front of the house with the avenue leading up to the front door. To the right is the garage, with a nice luxury car of course 😉

View over the pool and BBQ areaView over the pool and BBQ area. The windows on the second floor are from left to right the master bathroom, master bedroom relaxing area and one of the single bedrooms.

BBQ areaBBQ area with a table for six. The path to the left behind the house leads to the pool area.

Pool areaPool area with an L-shaped pool and two relaxing chairs.

Entrance hall with two sofas. The stairs leads up to the kitchen “island” which is the heart of the house.

The kitchen, slightly elevated. Unfortenately this causes some annoying camera problems where the camera flicks up and down at certain angles. It looks really good though, I love the bar and the open space.

Office just outside the downstairs bathroom.

Dining area
Dining area with a table for six. In the corner is a bar and on the other side a soccer table. Perfect party area. The door on the left leads to the pool area and the door to the right leads to the BBQ area.

Downstairs bathroom
Downstairs bathroom with a giant mirror by the basin. To the left a small hall and exit to the BBQ area. To the right the office.

Stairs leading up to the second floor. To the right the single bedroom, straight ahead the balcony, to the left the master bedroom and home cinema.

Upstairs single bedroom
One of the single bedrooms.

Single bedroomThe other single bedroom. 

Master bedroom relaxing area
Relaxing area in the master bedroom with a cosy fireplace and great view through the window. 

Master bedroom
Master bedroom. On the opposite wall there’s two drawers and a big screen TV. The door on the left leads to the master bathroom.

Master bathroomMaster bathroom with two basins, a giant mirror, bath tub and a shower.

Home cinemaThe best room in the house – the home cinema! All red and cosy with a broadloom, big screen TV and stereo.

BalconyBalcony on the front of the house.

First floor overviewFirst floor overview.

Second floor overviewSecond floor overview.

Did you like it? Download the lot and don’t forget to recommend it 🙂


4 Responses to "Enormous Luxury Villa"

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Vilka snygga hus – fina linjer och stilfull inredning! Jag gillar det där luftiga intrycket man får. Det är många som gör alltför “plottrigt”, men jag tycker det är viktigt att man också ska kunna spela med husen lätt! Och det tror jag man kan i dina hus – tack för länken; hit ska jag komma flera gånger.

Ha det bra/Leena

Wow, nice house. It’s exactly how I like my houses, symetrical and roomy. (I wanna be an architect when I get older!) Do you mind if I do something similar on my game?

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